A short glimpse on STF Group

STF Group Established in 2019 by visionary founder Mohammad Delowar Hossain. STF Group stands as a dynamic force in the business landscape of Qatar. With a vision for excellence, STF Group encompasses a diverse portfolio of sister companies, each contributing to the diverse sectors it operates in Qatar.

Seaf Al Safer Limousine: A premier player in luxury transportation, Seaf Al Safer Limousine, is an integral part of STF Group. With a dedicated team of 240 professionals, the company ensures exceptional service and comfort in the limousine industry.

Trust and First Delivery Services: Focused on efficient delivery solutions, Trust and First Delivery Services, a proud member of STF Group, boasts a skilled workforce of 27, committed to delivering excellence in every service.

Trust and First Trading and Contracting: As a key player in trading and contracting services, Trust and First Trading and Contracting, part of STF Group, thrives with a workforce of 77 professionals, providing innovative solutions and expertise.

With a comprehensive service area covering Trading and Contracting, Limousine Services, and more, STF Group is dedicated to meeting the diverse demands of its clientele.

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